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DESCA 2020 Model Consortium Agreement

NOTE: DESCA is a model which needs to be adapted to the circumstances of the individual project. Especially in projects with lump sum funding you may wish to modify the text, notably regarding financial management and decision-making.

Download DESCA 2020 1.2 in pdf format:

Download DESCA 2020 model CA version 1.2 (with elucidation notes)

Download DESCA 2020 in Word format (email address needed):

Download DESCA 2020 model CA version 1.2.4 (without elucidation notes)

This version replaces DESCA 2020 version 1.2 as of October 2017.

DESCA 2020 (Development of a Simplified Consortium Agreement) is a comprehensive Model Consortium Agreement for Horizon 2020. Initiated by key FP7 stakeholders and updated for Horizon 2020 in consultation with the FP community, it offers a reliable frame of reference for project consortia. DESCA enjoys broad support within the FP community.

The DESCA Core Group is represented by ANRT, EARTOKoWi, LERU, VTT, ZENIT and coordinated by Fraunhofer and the Helmholtz Association.

The DESCA Consultation Group, which provides vital expertise for the development of DESCA, consists of more than 160 experts from Academia, Research and Technology Organisations and Industry from all over Europe, as well as from other  countries involved in the framework programmes, e.g. Israel and USA.

More information on DESCA
More information on DESCA 2020 version 1.2

DESCA was originally initiated by ANRT, the German CA-Team represented by Helmholtz andKoWi, Fraunhofer,  EARTOEurochambres, VTT and UNITE.